Belinda R. reviewed Scripps Natural Mattress

Neighbors in the Village

I am so lucky my office is just across the driveway from Mark because I never would have found it. I have paid so much money for different mattresses over the years and just couldn't find one that worked for my husband, who prefers a firmer feel and me who wants something as soft as possible. So not only did we get something that is organic and natural but modifiable to suit both our tastes. Mark is such a great guy. He was all about educating us on the options and what would work best for us. The structure of the mattress and the frame is just completely different (and much better) than what you get from normal mattress stores. You get what you pay for. If you want the best you are going to pay a little more, but it is worth it!!!!

  • Love Our Mattress!
    When we started looking for a new mattress we knew we wanted something natural and discovered Scripps Natural Mattress in the Village of Carlsbad. Scripps was our first and last stop! Mark has a wealth of knowledge, years of experience and is passionate about natural bedding products. We love our mattress and the exceptional service Mark provided. We have an antique bed so Mark special ordered a low base for us that works perfect! We also purchased a wool mattress pad that is so very soft and easy to care for. When we need to replace the bed in guest room, or need need new sheets Mark will be the first and only stop we need to make! Thank you Mark!
  • Amazing bed
    The best mattress I have ever slept on. My back doesn't hurt anymore and I sleep more hours at night. I am rejuvenated when I wake up and wish I'd had the princess bed years ago. Mark was extremely knowledgeable about mattresses and sleep. I am so grateful to have found this little store in the Village. I highly recommend Scripps Natural Mattress.
  • Love Our Bed
    We have been sleeping on our new mattresses for one week now, and I can't say enough good things about them! After sleeping on a Tempurpedic for over 12 years, I now realize we weren't getting the rest and comfort we have with our new bed and wish we could go back in time to change that. I have extreme back issues and Lyme disease, so we thought it best to stay away from chemical laden and non-natural beds since I am so sensitive to anything and everything. Mark was very informative and knowledgeable. He took his time to explain and educate us about the mattress materials, how they are made, and why they would help us sleep better. After doing a lot of homework and research prior to visiting his store, we decided to go with his recommendations after spending time with him and trying out the mattresses. He such a pleasure to work with, and he was right about everything he claimed regarding the bed. We are so happy and I'm sleeping like I never have. Thanks Mark!
  • Great find, so thankful !!!!
    My Husband and I decided that we did not want another Tempur-pedic and after looking around i was ready to purchase a 10K bed. That was crazy. We went down to La Jolla to visit my sister in law and fell in love with the bed she had in the guest room. After commenting on the bed, she got all excited and ripped of the sheets and unzipped the mattress and showed us how it worked. She went on and on about Mark up in Carlsbad Village. She had all Scripps Natural Mattress beds in the house. We decided to visit Mark on our way home to Newport Beach and wow, what a great concept. His beds are certified chemical safe, Hand sewn in So Cal and extremely comfortable. I have two friends battling cancer and my husband and i are making big changes in our diets and environment. We are thankful that we met Mark and over the past 6 months, have had the best sleep in our lives.
  • The best.
    Scripps Natural is everything you don’t expect in mattress shopping- you’ll find integrity, honesty and clarity. It was such a refreshing experience, and the price was more than fair for the quality and service they delivered. It’s simple, elegant and quality design. I love that you can swap out components over time, and can actually see what the mattress is made of. I cannot say enough great things about my mattress and this place. Mark is great to work with. He’s incredibly knowledgeable, keeps it real and truly believes in the product. He even had some great advice for my chemical intolerance. It’s been just a few weeks since we’ve been sleeping on our new mattress and my lower back, hips and shoulders are back to normal! I don’t dread going to sleep anymore. I honestly believe everyone should be sleeping on something like this. Simply fantastic.
  • Buy The " Princess Bed "
    It's amazing and its the most comforting bed i have ever slept on.
  • Amazing Mattress!
    I've gained 1 to 2 additional hours of sleep each night since Mark delivered it in early December. Do not hesitate to purchase...,and for heavens sake, listen to Mark, our local mattress guru, he does know what he's talking about! 😃
  • Love It !
    Love my bed. It's exactly what i wanted. A beautifully crafted bed that is extremely comfortable without any chemical fire retardants.
  • Fabulous Beds
    I am so happy with my bed. I did some research before going into Scripps Natural Mattress and had many questions. Mark is extremely knowledgeable about beds and it's refreshing to walk into a store and have a small business owner that really cares about your health and your sleep. I wish all my purchases were like this. He is an expert and I highly recommend you visit him. Thanks Scripps Natural.
  • Love My Princess Bed
    Just wanted to let everyone know that i love my bed. It is incredible, I sleep so well now and my back is getting much better.Thank You Mark
  • Mark has always been very professional and a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend him.